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Oshili Kalahari, Sossusvlei and Etosha Tour

11 Days

Tour Description

We start our Namibian journey with a quick tour around Windhoek before we travel to Brandberg to meet the famous “white lady”. From there we have a date with the Himba people before we make our way to one of the biggest Game Parks in the world, “Etosha National Park”. We also have a date with the Bushmen, the only ethnic group in Namibia that don’t have land to call their own, to mention but a few highlights we will enjoy on this 11 day journey/adventure!!

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1
We pick you up at the airport, and take you to your hotel in/or around Windhoek. Depending on the arrival time in Namibia, we will take you on a 3 hour afternoon tour around Windhoek.

Meals: dinner.
Accommodation: 1 night in Windhoek
Distance: 70 km (tarred and gravel road).
Duration: around 1 hour with the stopovers. 

Day 2

Just after breakfast we make our way to Brandberg. The impressive Brandberg with its highest peak, Konigsberg, towering 2573m above sea level, was actually 1000 meters higher in the past. The area is known for its more than 30 000 examples of rock art. Estimated arrival at the lodge will be in the afternoon.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night at one of Namibia’s beautiful lodges

Distance: about 350 km.

Duration: around +/-8 hours including sight-seeing.

Day 3 

Early in the morning, en route to Damaraland and to visit Twyfelfontein – The San people roamed The Etjo sandstone hills as there were a source of water and shelter, and food as animals usually come have a drink at the spring. It is here where the San artists carved and etched on the rocks-faces hundreds of works of art, creating one of the world’s most amazing art galleries.

Optional activities:

- Ethnic visit at the ‚Living Museum’ presenting Damara culture. EUR 30.00 p/p

- Visit to the ‚Petrified Forrest’.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night at a Lodge near Twyfelfontein.

Distance: around 300 km on gravel roads.

Duration: around 8 hours including sightseeing and lunch.

Day 4
After breakfast, we are making our way to Kamanjab, an area well known for its Himba people to get the Himba experience with an unforgettable visit to a Himba village, learning about their nomadic way of life. This is a unique opportunity to observe their exotic culture and customs. They have clung to their traditions, and the beautiful Himba women are noted for their red-coloured skin, intricate hairstyles and traditional jewelry. Himba men and women wear few clothes, apart from a loin cloth or goat-skin mini-skirt, they rub their bodies with mixture of red ochre and animal fat to protect themselves against sun, insects and to condition their skin. It gives the Himba skin a characteristic rich, red colour. Himba jewelry is made from iron, animal skin or shell, and due to the intricate designs, has become very popular among the visiting tourists. Visit at the Himba village creates superb opportunity for spectacular ethnic photography! After the morning adventure, time for lunch and afternoon rest.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.
Distance: around 250 km on gravel roads.
Duration: around 3 to 4 hrs including breaks for picture-taking.
Accommodation: 1 night at a Lodge in the area

Day 5 and 6

After breakfast on our way to Namibia’s premier tourist attraction – Etosha National Park! Etosha is one of the world’s largest Game Parks, extending more than 350km from east to west. The wide-open plains, numerous waterholes and large number of game (estimates: 200 Lions, 16000 Zebras, 7000 Oryx/Gemsbok, 2500 Elephants, 3000 Giraffes, 600 Black Rhino, and many more other species) makes visits to Etosha very rewarding. Afternoon game drive.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Distance: around 200 km on tarred and gravel roads.

Duration: around 3 to 4 hours with stops for sight-seeing and lunch.

Accommodation: 2 nights at lodges in and around Etosha

Day 7

Early in the morning, we are on our way south, to a farm west of Grootfontein to view what is believed to be the largest Meteorite in the world. The Hoba Meteorite weight 60 tons and is for sure a beautiful site to see and is a must see.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.

Accommodation: 1 night at a lodge near Grootfontein

Distance: about 200 km (tarred and gravel roads).

Duration: 5hrs including stop-overs.

Day 8 and 9
After breakfast we travel to Tsumkwe, Bushmanland. Here we will interact with the Naro group and interact and learn more about their culture. The Bushmen rely more on the gathering of roots, seeds, nuts and other edible plants than on hunting. They can often go without meat for lengthy periods, but cannot survive for long without foraging for veld food as this is also a source of water for them.

The Bushmen is the only ethnic group in Namibia which has no traditional area which they can call home.

Meals: breakfast, dinner.
Accommodation: 2nights at a lodge near Tsumkwe
Distance: about 280 km (tarred and gravel roads).
Duration: 5hrs including stop-over’s 

Day 10 

After breakfast, we make our way south to Erindi Game Reserve for a final view of some of the BIG 5 in Namibia. We should make it in time for the afternoon game drive. Dinner is served back at the lodge where you have an excellent view over the waterhole to see the animals come for a drink, and one usually fall asleep with many sounds of wild animals nearby.

Accommodation: 1 night in Erindi

Meals: Dinner and Breakfast.

Distance: around 450 km on tarred roads.

Duration: 6 hrs including stop over for shopping and lunch.

Day 11

Leaving Erindi early in the morning and heading south to Windhoek ‚back to civilization’. On the way, visit to an open-air craft market in Okahandja. This is a wonderful opportunity to purchase hand-made curios and African souvenirs.

After two weeks filled with unforgettable adventures, we are heading to the international airport. We will bid you ‘bye, bye’ and a safe journey, till we see you again on a safari in Africa – with Oshili Namibia Travel and Tours cc!

Accommodation: 1 night in Windhoek

Meals: Dinner and Breakfast.

Distance: around 250 km on tarred roads.

Duration: 5 hrs including stop over for shopping and lunch.


- Beautiful lodges and hotels

- Double rooms and family rooms with an option of a single supplement.

- Air-conditioned rooms with private bathrooms.

Included/Not Included

Included in the tour’s price:

- Transportation/fuel (in case of self drive fuel is not included),

- Accommodation,

- meals as per itinerary,

- national park entrance fee,

- tour guide for the entire tour,

- transfer ‚to and from’ the airport,

- Pick-up in Windhoek and guests’ transfer to the lodge/hotel after the tour.

Not included in the tour’s price:

- Flights (bus tickets) to and from’ Namibia

- Flights from Zimbabwe or Zambia back home

- extended accommodation or additional transfers,

- sleeping bags on camping tours,

- compulsory travel insurance,

- water and drinks,

- alcoholic beverages,

- optional activities/attractions,

- snacks,

- gratuities and tips,

- trip extensions,

- personal shopping,

- Visa to Namibia